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AMD Capital is a special situations real asset investor, with a particular focus on assets, companies and platforms, through a combination of macro analysis and a bottom-up systematic analysis. 

AMD targets pan European assets and companies, in the real asset spectrum, across sectors, markets and capital layers.

Direct assets, public markets and Private equity focused investments such as tech enabled/operational companies in the real asset spectrum

Our team is constantly analysing opportunities, across markets, in order to identify and  to create value in innovative ways,  whilst focusing on downside protection and risk-adjusted returns by maintaining optionality and flexibility.

AMD operates as a permanent capital platform, with a full alignment of its founders and no ownership time constraints, allowing to remain agile and opportunistic in order to navigate market cycles and volatility

The founders have a forward thinking approach to real estate, in both public and private markets, across the capital stack, backed by  a long-standing deal making and investing know-how, combined with a modern vision of Real Asset investing.

​With a unique combination experience, strategy and vision, AMD applies a very systematic approach to traditional real asset investing through a modern forward thinking view , with internal proprietary systems, scorecards and processes.

AMD Capital was set up to take advantage of unique opportunities in real assets, through a diligent and proactive ownership coupled with investment discipline and value add approach.

© AMD Capital 

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