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Silos are obsolete in modern real assets investing 



At AMD, we believe that silos are obsolete and that in order to comprehend the markets, take advantage of rapidly changing trends and opportunities, we need to maintain an important exposure to new technologies in Real Assets.

As a result, we invest, mentor and support prop-tech entrepreneurs in sub-segment of the market where we can be strategically important and help turbo-charge growth, scale and expansion.

Pure play tech and tech enabled companies ( AI, market place, Saas, Co-living, property management ) which grow within the Real Asset eco-system are relevant to our vision and allow us to leverage our ownership of real assets and operating businesses in order to offer scalability to those companies in addition to being their capital partner.

The impact of technology in traditional industries such as Real Estate or Finance is increasingly critical, and being involved in the key shifts taking place therein has been a very important part of our philosophy

We have recently launched A/O Proptech, Europe's leading Proptech venture capital firm.


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