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A unique ability and vision to real asset investments allowing to take advantage of rapidly evolving public market dislocations coupled with private/direct asset investments offering a very attractive risk-adjusted return



AMD has a very versatile approach to real asset investing, with an ability to operate in both public and private markets:


Price dislocation

• Dissonant valuations create opportunities and allow to pursue a more opportunistic approach to real estate investments and allocations,

taking advantage of inefficiencies and price dislocations


Historical returns and predictability

• At AMD, we believe that silos are obsolete in investing and that there is huge value creation potential in tapping into the various verticals of

the market, with a global and versatile set of capabilities

• Listed real estate companies have traditionally offered far better returns than private real estate in times where public equity traded at large

discounts to NAV, whereas private real estate has proven more successful in times where public equity traded at premiums to NAV

• As such, public markets convey valuable information on future returns and trends in the various property sectors, creating unique arbitrage

opportunities that can be captured through agile positioning to generate value


Methodical investment selection

With a very systematic, top-down macro analysis combined with bottom-up stock picking, we aim to optimise the risk-adjusted returns and

take advantage of rapidly evolving markets and value gap opportunities



Our selection process is focused on a concentrated portfolio, composed of our top picks, on the back of a systematic selection mechanism and a

rapid decision-making process. Our investments are long-term, management-supportive and non-disruptive

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